Why Google Analytics

There are so many features in Google Analytics software and it is merely used to track website every short

activity such as session duration, user behavior, along with the source of overall traffic, bounce rate even more.

Basically, the Google Analytics tool provides a solution for analyzing users’ small actions that usually take on the website.

Which needs to track for every website in order to make the best implementing marketing strategy.

Google Analytics also allows integrating with Google ads where users can create and review their online campaigns by tracking landing page quality and conversions (goals).

Generally, goals might be anything including sales, conversions, lead generation, downloading a specific file, viewing a specific page for the eCommerce website, mostly goals would be sales.

Why Google Analytics

On analytics, people can track every sales activity and performance, transactions, revenues, and much more metrics related to e-commerce.

Generally, Google aims to show a high level of accurate data and every depth thing that needs to track for website owners, that included in this Tool.

Further, Google Analytics rolled out Real-Time Analytics on September 29, 2011. Which allows us to visible the current user activity on the dashboard.

And still, there’s no doubt that the same couple of features gives other software apart from Google Analytics, mainly not.

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