What Is Google Analytics Tool

As I explained Google Analytics is a web tool or software that usually gives the reports of every activity on the websites, including

session duration, bounce rate, page views, traffic, audience types, traffic source, additionally for e-commerce sites, such as

transactions, revenues, sales activities, and performance though, it also available on mobile devices especially android and IOS where website

owners track the daily activities on the site actions users carry out. You have to simply implement a tracking code

on your site head HTML tag in order to track activities from the Google Analytics Tool.

Then, real-time reporting reveals the current visitors on your site even it’s displaying where they came from with the help of the geographical location of the user.

Even much more interesting features have in this Tool that you’ll learn in this course. The important metrics of analytics

you need to study in-depth because it depends on metrics which surely help you identify every action on the site.

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