Defining The Strategy Of Content Marketing

Defining a content marketing strategy is most important in your business. And every business should define the content strategy that how and when would they achieve their targets and the content strategy helps them to identify the steps that necessary for success in any business. Therefore, this article is all about the content marketing strategy. And you’d study here how to develop this strategy.

What is Content strategy?

It is the first step to starting implementing content marketing on your business. Without defining the right content strategy none business can sustain.

So, content strategy is analyzing and defining the important key points that refer to management a piece of your marketing plan that often repeatable process.

And this strategy helps to measure how you’ve prepared for content marketing. This is the first stage of every successful content marketing campaign.

Every business has to need a well planned structured purpose that included some questions such as, what types of content you distribute and Who’s your target audience etc.

There are too many things to consider before implementing content marketing:

  • What’s your main goal?
  • Who’s your target audience?
  • What problem are you going to solve?
  • What makes you special?
  • Deciding content formats
  • Channels where content will be published
  • How you’ll organize creation and publication
  • Measuring the results

Why need a content marketing strategy?

It’s essential to understand. Why you need a content marketing strategy? and how it helps in my business? The point you need to note that without content marketing strategy none company can achieve its desired target in a specific time.

Why Need A Content Marketing Strategy

That’s why content marketing strategy helps them determine common steps t which leads to your successful content marketing campaign.

Is it necessary to define strategy?

Commonly, Yes. You should think about why many businesses aren’t successful to drive sales and leads through content marketing. Because they don’t do that which I’m trying to explain.

Every business must need a content marketing strategy that defines the well planed organize schedule as well as it’s figured out some things that usually play a crucial role in content marketing. Those things I’ve described above.

So, what steps come under the content strategy?

Before implementing content marketing in business, marketers make sure some basic ideas that lead to organized how, when and why content marketing.

As you can see below the points that will help you learn better about this content strategy.

What should be included in the content marketing strategy?

There are some steps which usually followed by the top successful content marketing campaign that tells how should this content strategy.

Define goals and mission statement

This is the starting point of every content marketing campaign.
If your company has not a goal it means you’d never succeed in content marketing.

Because content marketing is different from other marketing tactics. It acts on strategies and it is the heart core of content marketing campaign.

Without the goal and mission statement of your company is hard to get at the top in your industry content distribution.

Every successful business has a clear mission statement that determines how will consistency they working to achieve their goals.

Have you ever made the mission statement for your business? If the answer is no. Start to make first then go ahead. Or the answer is yes. Go on the further steps of this marketing plan.

You have to understand why a few businesses succeed while the majority fails to generate sales and acquisition of new customers.

Therefore, I’d like to give an example of Inc. Magazine mission statement. The statement of Inc. magazine has the first line of its About Us page.

Defining The Strategy Of Content Marketing
Source: Inc. magazine

Welcome to, the place where entrepreneurs and business owners can find useful information, advice, insights, resources, and inspiration for running and growing their businesses.

Let’s look at the piece of the mission statement of Inc. Magazine.

  • The core audience target: Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • What material will be delivered to the audience: Useful information, advice, insights, resources, and inspiration
  • The outcome for the audience: Growing their businesses

The mission statement of Inc. is quite simple. And, what they trying to say to its audience. The word of this sentence is simple and includes no phrases that can be misunderstood. Simplicity is key to how you will use your content marketing mission statement.

How Can Make Own Mission Statement?

In order to make your own content marketing mission statement to work, you need to clearly define three things specific to your content creation:

  1. The core audience target
  2. What you will deliver to the audience
  3. The major audience takeaway.

Once your mission statement is created, distribute it to every content creator on your team (both inside and outside the company). So, they identify how they would need to work like

Once defined goals and mission statement go to the further steps to organized content strategy

Understand your audience

As I explained in the definition of content strategy, it important to know the audience whom you are creating content for. So, you can create the right content and distribute to the right people. There are three steps to identify the audience:

  1. Buyer Persona
  2. Customer Feedback
  3. Demographic Data

Buyer Persona

A buyer persona is the common characteristics of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers. There are following things you need to measure to create a buyer persona:

  • Personal Info
  • Professional Details
  • Values And Fears
  • Goals And Challenges
  • Where Are They
  • Negative Info

Customer Feedback

Getting feedback from customers would quite helpful to your business In order to learn more about the target audience, you should try collecting feedback from each current customer. So, that you can predict new customers’ characteristics. Customer feedback will give the insights you:

  • How they feel about your content
  • What they urgently want
  • How you’re solving their problems with your content

Demographic Data

It is the easiest way to know more about the audience through their demographic data furthermore, the first step you need to take is to measure the demographic data of your current email subscribers, social media followers, web analytics, etc.

These spaces of the audience will help you to analyze the data you need on your audiences such as their Age, Gender, Income, and Interests. For knowing the interests of your visitors. You have to go on Google Analytics >> Audience >> Interests >> Overview. Then, you’ll see the market segments your website visitors fit into.

Defining The Strategy Of Content Marketing

Understanding the audience is a key task in every successful content marketing campaign once you understand your audience then you have to select the content types to distribute to the targeted audience.

Selecting content types to publish

Every business has limited resources to distribute in the forms. However, it depends on the needs in your company that what types of content they need to distribute in order to drive new customers and leads. And, what you learn in this section.

Selecting content types is part of the content marketing strategic approach. Hence, where you’d identify the contents type that usually distribute.

Remember, this section is all about the media and content types, A blog comes in the content type as well as the channel so don’t confuse on it.

I’ll explain everything about the content types and channels. Analyzing the type of content is right for your business depends on your industry as well as your needs.

The more content types would you published in different forms will give you higher results in content marketing. Still, it not necessary to published content in all forms that usually available in content marketing.

Just you have to identify the content types and this Following list of different forms of content materials helps you to find the best content type for your business and which usually used in the major content marketing campaigns.

  • Blog
  • Article
  • Video
  • Podcast
  • Audiobooks
  • Infographics
  • E-Newsletter
  • White Paper
  • E-Book
  • Case Study
  • Testimonials
  • Webinar
  • Online Survey Research
  • Online Press Release
  • Custom Print Magazine
  • Print Newsletter
  • Discussion Forum
  • Digital Magazine
  • E-learning Series
  • Printed Book

These above content formats are widely used by too many companies and many businesses have already taken benefit from this marketing approach.

And, what you’ll have to do next? figure out the best content type and get started to create and publish content on different places (that you’d study in the further section).

The places to publish content

Deciding where would you place your work means, you have to decide the content channels where you distribute your content. It also depends on the type of content that is you using on your business. Even though, it is a blog.

So, the channel of the blog would be a content management system where people create blogs and publish their content. Whatever the CMS you are using most of the companies’ preferred WordPress to spread out their blog content.

And what should you do next? Remember, the type of content determines the type of channel or place where the content would circulate. First, decide what content type should be using on my business. Then second, selecting the channels according to your content type.

I’d like to give you the list of all these 24 popular channels that usually used in businesses to distribute content. (Used in different content types)

24 popular contenr marketing channels that usually used in businesses to distribute content.

Channels are using to distribute your content

  1. Blog
  2. Website
  3. YouTube Or Vimeo
  4. Facebook
  5. Twitter
  6. Instagram
  7. Google+ (Currently closed)
  8. Pinterest
  9. Linkedin
  10. Foursquare
  11. Tumblr
  12. Stumbleupon
  13. Slideshare
  14. Quora
  15. Soundcloud
  16. Spotify
  17. Apps
  18. Reddit
  19. Mobile Marketing
  20. Livestreaming
  21. Voice Applications
  22. Email Campaigns
  23. Guest Blogging
  24. Google And Bing Ads

Every content channels have their own characteristics and restrictions. Let’s look at the example: Twitter is for microblogging, where distributing content limit is 126 characters. While Facebook is for multiple purposes such as sharing videos, images, texts, etc.

As you can see in the above list of channels. Where image sharing platforms have included. Where marketers can distribute their images as a content type. Youtube & Vimeo is merely for publishing videos while Instagram is for micro-videos as well as for image sharing.

So, after deciding the content type. Then, you need to identify those channels or platforms that are going on trending now. Which used by too many users. So that your content would be circulated to the more people. I hope this concept of content channels was quite interesting for you.

Create a content calendar

According to Wikipedia:

A content calendar is an editorial calendar, or publishing schedule, is used by bloggers, publishers, businesses, and groups to control publication of content across different media, for example, newspaper, magazine, blog, email newsletters, and social media outlets

A content calendar is like a workflow of every week or month. Where you organize when you create and distribute different content on different platforms or channels.

Without making content calendar businesses might be faced some obstacles during content publishing while the content calendar is focused on the well-planned structure of the repeatable process.

Where companies give tasks for a specific time and it decided how their content calendar design. It’s also known as the content work schedule, most of the businesses skip this process and start distributing content without making a content calendar.

I hope you wouldn’t do these mistakes and make a workflow on your content marketing strategy. That defines a clear target which you have to achieve at a certain time of duration. That’s why the content calendar helps to increase productivity at work.

Along with these benefits creating a content calendar from scratch gives you the right direction and helps you to work consistently on content marketing. The following are the steps that help you to build a content calendar as well as how you can successfully apply to your content marketing strategy.

Steps To Create Calendar

  • Think about content feedback
  • Select a calendar duration for 1 to 6 months
  • Test content before include to your calendar
  • Decide content type & content channels
  • Keep an eye on your surroundings
  • Track what works, and improve it

Content Calendar Tools

These are the great options to build a content calendar. Content calendar tracks activities of your work as well as build consistency on work. It’s quite helpful for those people who want to work organized.

Creating the “Content”

Have you planned the content creation process? however, this step often ignores by too many marketers. Creating content is one of the most essential practices to perform in this strategy.

Without understanding the content creation process marketers couldn’t achieve their targets. A well-planned process of generating and distributing content specifies how many outcomes would come from this process.

Here are great ways to start developing content for your content marketing strategy. Along with these processes, you’ll understand the content creation process.

Step by step list of all 12 amazing ways to content creation:

  1. Defining Content marketing goal
  2. Research and Understand the Audience
  3. Creating your audience personas
  4. Set Up Your Blog
  5. Map out the content creation plan
  6. Update Your Current Content
  7. Brainstorm Ideas
  8. Do Keyword ResearchCreate a sustainable content
  9. Decide Format of Content You Want to Produce
  10. Do experiment with your content
  11. Stay Focused, Stay Committed, And Stay Consistent

Deciding how you’d produce content is crucial in your content marketing strategy. Therefore, you need to identify those key points that support your content creation process.

However, this is an essential step of this CM strategy and you have to create content that solves audiences’ problem otherwise, you can not take benefit from this. Once you determine the content creation process, the next step will be the Circulation And Promotion of your content.

Circulation and Promotion

In this phase, the content you have created it’s time to distribute it to the right people and the right place. Without promotion or marketing, your content is nothing anymore.

Because, how people engage with your content until you distribute it to them. However, I’ve already told about the content channels and places where most of the content marketing strategies publish content. And the same you have to do.

It’s all about the distribution network of your content marketing strategy that defines how well the content is organized to perform on different channels and what concepts you have used to promote your great content.

Remember, without identity the distribution channel it’s impossible to succeed in content marketing. So, I am trying to explain to you why it’s important and why you should care about it. Go to this article of, The Places To Publish Content in CM Strategy.

Once deciding content channels and how it will distribute to the audience. Then, the next step about resources and tools that widely used in every content marketing campaign. Why you should use these tools too? learn further.

Using resources and tools

With the help of these tools & resources, you can go to the next level of your marketing strategy. All businesses take advantage of these tools and you must use it on your content marketing plan.

Check out all from the main article: Content Marketing Resources

Here are topmost usable resources and tools which could transform your business:

All these amazing tools & resources recommended by many professional content marketers. And, hence you should use it too to transform your business and drive huge leads and sales.

Every tool provides a solution for your content strategy. Moreover, the last phase of content marketing strategies is the measuring results of the efforts. Which you’d see in a further section.

Measuring content marketing Effectiveness

Measuring the outcome of your efforts on content marketing is the vital step that you need to take at the end. And, you have to figure out the following things that drive ROI for your business.

Measuring The Results - Online Course at
  • Lead Quality
  • Sales
  • Web Traffic
  • Onsite Engagement
  • Social Media ROI
  • SEO Success
  • Subscriptions
  • Email Marketing ROI
  • Exposure & Authority

All these things decide how well content marketing affected your business, the most important tactics are sales because your business is all upon it. Just generating huge traffic is not that enough collecting leads and email subscription is also a major factor of success in content marketing.

Even, explore of your customers is also the most important factor to measure how well content marketing campaigns performed. Quality of the lead determines marketing success further how many sales you have driven during this period.

I hope this article is quite useful for your business and what next you would learn in this course is here:

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