Analytics Account User Management

In this section, you’ll learn how to manage users in Google Analytics account. With the help of user management, you can do the following tasks with the Analytics account, included:

  • Add Users Groups
  • Change Account Permission
  • Add and Remove Users

Follow these steps to manage users:

  1. Go to Analytic account
  2. Go to Admin.
  3. Click User Management in the ACCOUNT, PROPERTY, or VIEW column.
  4. Click the + symbol to add a new user or group
  5. Enter the email address of the new user
  6. Select permissions
  7. Then. Click Add button
Admin panel - Account User management in Google Analytics - online course
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Account User management in Google Analytics

Congrats! the new user has been added. You can change the user’s permission by clicking three dots (View user’s account details). Learn more about user management and user permissions.

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