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This course is the respects to search engine optimization (SEO). In this course, you will learn everything about SEO, On-Page, Off-Page, Technical Seo, etc.

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  • Introduction
  • History Of SEO
  • Search Engine Working
  • What Is SEO
  • Why We Need SEO
  • SEO Guidelines
  • Tactics & Methods
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • SEO Algorithms
  • SEO Tools
  • Content In SEO
  • Links In SEO
  • SEO Phrases
  • Conclusion



Go to the Introduction of SEO search engine optimization course

History OF SEO

Understand what is the history of SEO Search Engine Optimization

Working of SE

Learn how search engine actually works and like Google & Bing

What is Seo

Read what is SEO search engine optimization, Introduction of SEO

Why We need SEO

Understand why we do SEO and what is the importance of doing SEO

SEO guidelines

Study major search engine optimization guidelines or webmaster guidelines

Tactics & Methods

See the common methods and tactics of SEO such as black hat and white hat etc.

Keyword Research

Know the importance of keyword research in seo as well as the research tools

On Page SEO

Learn everything about On page SEO such as, headings, meta data, etc.

Off Page SEO

Learn everything about Off page SEO, link building, social bookmarking, etc.

Technical SEO

What is technical SEO and importance of technical seo know everything about it

SEO Algorithms

Understand the google major algorithms that helps to avoid google penalty

All SEO Tools

Find all important SEO tools that might help you to search keywords and etc.

Content In SEO

Understand the role of content and why content is very essential for seo

Understand the role of link building and why content is very essential for seo

All SEO Phrases

Here is major search engine optimization phrases which you must know


Conclusion of this course, final words of search engine optimization SEO

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