Google Analytics Tool Online Course

This course is relating to the Google Analytics Tool which you will learn in this online course here Although, Google analytics tool is a crucial part of the SEO, and hence you will study this course in detail as much as possible.

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Learn Google Analytics Tool Online Course


  • Introduction
  • History Of Google Analytics
  • Why Google Analytics
  • What Is Google Analytics Tool
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Implementing Tracking Code
  • Basic Goals In Analytics
  • Understanding Dashboard
  • Google Analytics Reports (1)
  • Google Analytics Reports (2)
  • Products Linking
  • Analytics Intelligence
  • Account User Management
  • Conclusion


Introduction Of Analytics Course

Read the glance or Introduction of Google Analytics Tool course

History Of Google Analytics Tool

Understand what is the history of Google Analytics Tool

Why google Analytics

Learn Why we should use google Analytics see all features of analytics

What Is Google Analytics Tool

Read What Is Google Analytics Tool, everything about Analytics

Google Analytics Setup

Go the the article of analytics where you'll learn google analytics setup

Implementing Tracking Code

Understand how to implement google analytics tracking code

Basic Goals In Google Analytics

Learn what is goals in google analytics, know how to use it

Understanding GA Dashboard

Read and Understanding the google analytics account Dashboard

Google Analytics Reports (Basics)

Go to the article of Google Analytics Reports where you can see all reports of GA

Analytics Reports (Advanced)

This is an article of Analytics Reports advanced where appear GA reports

Analytics Product Linking

Understand how to link other products to google analytics account

Analytics Intelligence

Learn what is analytics intelligence and how to use it for our website

Account User Management

Read User Management and how to manage users in Google Analytics Account

Conclusion Of Analytics Course

This is the final thoughts or conclusion of google analytics online course

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